TD Jakes cancelled
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    TD Jakes cancelled

    Low ratings doom the freshman syndie talk show. It will be replaced by "BOLD," another in-house production
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    Not surprise that TD Lakes got cancelled it was on WZZM at 10AM I thought that Bold would have taken The Insider spot. But I guess TENGA wants Bold for Mornings & afternoons only wonder if WZZM will have 7PM Newscast this fall?

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    This was a show I thought would do reasonably well. It's hard to make a successful syndicated talk show.

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    Low ratings - what a surprise. Not! When only Tegna stations and WCIU sign on to T.D. Jakes, you are screwed. NY, LA and other markets NEVER saw this show.
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    And yet, anybody called to hear and receive the message that he has will certainly hear and receive it.
    No irony there.

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    Does TENGA just not have a sales staff that can push this show? I would think that stations that don't compete with TENGA wouldn't have an issue clearing a program another station owner produced, but if they view TENGA as a competitor wouldn't want to help them.

    If this proves to be a consistent problem, TENGA may have to reconsider producing content. Hard to believe they couldn't get this placed on some station in the largest markets, but they couldn't and I agree, that hurt the ability of the show to be renewed.

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    Here in Houston, TEGNA's KHOU runs the show at 2am as there is other place to put it. Not a good sign for making it a success.

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    Could some people have seen this in the listings and presumed it was a preaching show?

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