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    Chris Lavoie on Stephanie Miller

    If anybody misses hearing Chris Lavoie on the Stephanie Miller Show tune in a he is on right now, and he is live in studio with them. If you have been a long time listener of Stephanie Miller's show, you know he was the long time executive producer and board operator on the Stephanie Miller, until he left I want to say last year, or 2015, when he left and got himself a PR guy job at a casino in Palm Springs because he was tired of getting up at what he called insane O'clock. He was then temporary replaced by Studdering John Melendez until he got replaced which never has been mentioned why, even through he was replacing a guy with very big shoes. Also next hour 10 AM (eastern time) she will have been on Tavis Boone that served as her producer from 2012-2015. So it is old homes day for Stephanie Miller this morning as she is having both her old executive producer and her old producer on her show this morning.

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    Also you can watch the show this morning if you have Free Speech TV, great tune in if you can or watch on-line at

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    And guess what he is back on this morning where you can catch her show either your local station that carries or show, Free Speech TV, or even on their website

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