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Thread: Sioux Falls "fallout?"

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    Sioux Falls "fallout?"

    A couple years back there was an article about Chuck Brennan and Sunny Radio suing each other. I noticed the 93.3 frequency is still an 80s station. Anyone know whatever came of that case?

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    It was probably settled out of court. Brennan went on to buy another FM, which he was able to upgrade to 15KW, a lot better than a 250-watt translator. John Small is still running 93.3 and its AM, and doing the same format on an AM with translator in Sioux City.

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    Chuck Brennan has now been run out of town and has taken his 94.5 FM silent and put it on the market.

    Here are some possible buyers for 94.5:
    Townsquare and Midwest: Both are at market cap for FM stations. However, both have rimshots (99.1 KSOO & 100.5 KIKN for Townsquare and 95.7 KQSF & 107.9 KELQ for Midwest) that cover less of Sioux Falls than 94.5. One of them could buy 94.5 and spin off the surplus FM to either a noncom operator or another commercial operator.
    Minnesota Public Radio: 94.5 would be a very good home for the Current, which doesn't have a frequency in Sioux Falls. Also, MPR News and Classical are both on Class A stations (89.1 KAUR and 88.1 KRSD respectively) while 94.5 is Class C3, so one of those could move to 94.5 with one of 88.1 or 89.1 becoming the Current.
    Sunny Radio: This would be so ironic as Sunny and Brennan were feuding, and it would allow Sunny to bring a second format to the market.
    VCY America: They have a rimshot (90.5 KVCF) and they've been on a major buying spree lately after selling the spectrum for their Milwaukee TV station for $$$.

    From a ratings standpoint, KBAD did subscribe to Nielsen (the only non-Midwest subscriber in the market) and was scoring some decent shares, finishing only behind country powerhouse KTWB (100kW on a 2000' tower) on at least one occasion.

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    If Townsquare gets back 94.5, they could flip it back to KDEZ's old 'Easy and Fun' format. Or maybe EMF will buy it and flip 94.5 to yet another Air 1 station. Sioux Falls already has K-LOVE on 90.1.
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