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Thread: Best On-Air Talent Ever In The City Of Angels

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    I concur with ChannelFlipper and his profile of Jim Healy's show, its content, and its dedicated audience. Jim Healy on KMPC absolutely was appointment listening on a daily basis - leading up to that dreaded 6 o'clock tone!

    Commentary - The sad observation is that while creative talent exists today in the USA just as it did in prior decades, perhaps even more so, however, much of that creativity is being directed now elsewhere, and not to radio. YouTube is a chief beneficiary of many creative minds today that in a previous generation would have chosen radio as their outlet, as Jim Healy certainly did.

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    Up to 1965: Bob Crane on KNX. After that, The Real Don Steele on KHJ (1965-73), KIQQ (1973-74), KTNQ (1976-78) KRLA (1985-1989), KODJ/KCBS (1989-92) and KRTH (1992-97). During the years Steele wasn't on the air (1975-76 and 1978-85), I'd go with Lohman and Barkley on KFI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Landing View Post
    Vin Scully certainly gets the longevity award and also is tops talent-wise in his field, sportscasting. But who today remembers Andy Mansfield, who with his wife Virginia used his encyclopedic music knowledge not only on KFI but the worldwide armed forces network? He was the Vin Scully of pre-rock and roll radio and his "Turn Back the Clock" program (utilizing his own music library augmented by that of KFI) featured music that stretched beck to the depression era. And then of course there was the comedy team of Lohman and Barkley before talk radio took over KFI. Not to mention the Ladies Day program hosted by a team headed by the venerable Dave Shaw (who later moved ion to KFAC after Cox bought KFI). All of these broadcasters were AM stalwarts fifty years ago, but their contributions deserve to be remembered..
    When was Andy Mansfield on the air?

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    How about for longevity L.A.'s own Chuck Cecil and the Swingin' Years still running today in L.A. & Worldwide. That show has a magical way of transporting us into another time. This 92 year old guy is so frickin' hip that he once played the full punk version of 'English Civil War' by the Clash during a "Turning Time Around" segment in 1983. Nice guy too!

    Worldwide Armed Forces special version of the Swingin' Years

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    Art Laboe. 1949 at KRKD and KFVD (later KPOP)... at least 60 years on the air in LA and around the Southwest. He's still on over a dozen stations with his latest syndicated show at age 92!. And he's credited with creating the "oldies but goodies" term which was shortened by radio to "oldies" later on.
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    Sports: Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Dick Enberg (who later went national).
    Personalities: Don Steele (KHJ), Robert W. Morgan, Shotgun Tom Kelly (KRTH), Michael Jackson, (KABC), Dick Whittington, and a bunch that went national: Dr. Laura, Phil Hendrie, Gary Owens, Bob Crane. The list is too long to include everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wb6asq2 View Post
    When was Andy Mansfield on the air?
    Started on WLW in Cincinnati as a couple, came to California in 1937 on the old Don Lee network, then moved to KFI in the forties and stayed there as the morning show sandwiched between the Farm Report and Ladies Day through the fifties. Andy continued on the Armed Forces Radio Network for many years after, being noted by Billboard as the European doughboy's favorite program in 1962. The AFTRA archives have a number of his programs from the sixties online. My own memories are from the early fifties on KFI.

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    Funny that after 3 pages, no one mentioned the guy who was #1 for most of his 23 years doing mornings at KIIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    Funny that after 3 pages, no one mentioned the guy who was #1 for most of his 23 years doing mornings at KIIS.
    Rick Dees was good, and you are correct he had a long run. Why he is not mentioned here is probably an abberation. Becoming "memorable" is a different story. Perhpas he still will, but he entered the LA market when radio was starting to show some failings. I won't provide an opinion on him, but I think his timing within the industry was a bit off. Right guy, wrong time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    Funny that after 3 pages, no one mentioned the guy who was #1 for most of his 23 years doing mornings at KIIS.
    Because Rick Dees didn't represent Los Angeles, he represented himself. Just was reading about his 10 Million dollar law suit which he paid along with ex KIIS GM Wally Clark for skimming profits on his Weekly Top 40. Rick was not known for his goodness, even lost his million dollar Liz Fulton lawsuit, partly because of this evidence (watch at the 7 minute mark), and the way he treated people in general.

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