KMPC-710, July 1979
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Thread: KMPC-710, July 1979

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    KMPC-710, July 1979

    Here's another one:

    KMPC would become an all-talk (sports?) station later that year. It would switch back to music sometime in the late 1980s, then go back to talk in 1992. All the time, keeping that classy "Seven-10--K-M-P-C" jingle.
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    Robert W Morgan replaced Whittinghill in July 79. By 1980 they went talk and returned to music in 1982. They would remain in that nostalgia format for another ten years before going Sports in 1992. That lasted about a year until they went back to talk and switched calls to KTZN(the zone). After that they went to Radio Disney and finally switched back to Sports as an ESPN affiliate under the KSPN calls which remain today.

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