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    Let's Talk About Radio

    http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Air/LTAR17Mar5.MP3 Let's Talk About Radio, an occasional program on WJIB Cambridge MA & WJTO Bath ME; March 5, 2017. The station does not stream.

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    Thanks for posting. Glad to hear this show again.
    Jeremy Andrews

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    http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Air/LTAR17Mar12.mp3 Mar 12 edition of Let's Talk About Radio on WJIB Cambridge MA, an occasional series about radio, TV etc.

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    http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Air/LTAR17Mar19.mp3 Today's Let's Talk About Radio on WJIB...yes there's loud background noise and it sounds far away but I live in Beverly and it's an AM signal. If anyone lives closer to Cambridge maybe they heard the show, and thus heard it clearly. He's doing one more show next week before another hiatus...maybe Bob B can send me an mp3 file which I can then post. Maybe I'd have better luck when the FM goes on air, even though Beverly is in the distant area of that signal..

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    http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Air/LTAR17Mar26a.mp3 WJIB Cambridge MA's Let's Talk About Radio today. An occasional series, who knows when it'll be on again. Sorry for background noise, I don't like close to Cambridge and the 250w signal.Bob B mentions at the end why he doesn't stream. Maybe the FM translator will be on by the next time LTAR airs and though I may not get a primo signal on the coming 101.3, there should be no interference.

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