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Thread: Why do these songs play day-after-day, year-after-year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldies76 View Post
    Happens a lot with larger classic hits radio stations too. It all boils down to research and the testing of songs. Certainly not my preference, but that's the way it's done. Btw, I love that "Little Talks" song, one of my recent favorites. But I sympathize with you.
    It has always been done this way going back to the local "Top Pop" surveys, to call out research. Today it is just a little more fancy, and less region influenced. What has changed is Youtube and other net base sources sometime bring a song band, or group to prominence.

    As we get older, and the music becomes less familiar we seem to forget this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithE4 View Post
    At least a song like American Pie or Stairway to Heaven offers the DJ a potty break for 8 minutes.

    I'm willing to bet that Taylor cries all the way to the bank after every show.
    Gotta agree on Stairway...Kashmir works too!!! In college I used Kashmir then came back in time to do the weather forecast.
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