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Thread: What will be the new format for WRCA?

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    Off the air again now in the afternoon. Must have been a test broadcast.

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    WRCA 1330 is now on the air, rebroadcasting "The Irish Channel" that has been airing on 96.9 HD2 for several years now.

    Signal doesn't seem to be quite as strong as it should be.

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    They are also on 106.1, but not online. This must be a test. Would there be enough listeners for Irish? Sounds pleasant.
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    On 106.1, it appears to be coming out of the left stereo channel only. It's in full stereo on 96.9 HD2 (as usual).

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    Thanks for tipoff.Just tried the AM on a clock radio..it was in between two foreign language stations, 1300 and 1360.A Pub With No Beer, liner as The Irish Channel then Van Morrison Have I Told You Lately.As for signal, it did reach me here in Beverly, moderate .

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    Getting the FM pretty well on an Insignia tabletop-portable FM-HD radio here in Beverly

    Predicted coverage area for 106.1...there's also a translator on 106.1 up in Newburyport...and an LPFM in Portsmouth IIRC

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    Spanish music.

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    You said you're in Fall River in another thread. If you tuned to the 106.1 you might barely get WCOD on the Cape...and the one I mentioned in Boston area on 106.1, am not sure. As for the 1330, not sure if that would reach down to your area
    (possibly...?) but there is a Spanish language 1330 out of New York City (WWRV)--maybe you're getting that

    radio-locator.com lists WRCA 1330 but they temp. don't have a signal area map up because they still say "Currently Off The Air". WRCA is licensed to Watertown and supposedly is 25,000 w day and 17,000 watts night (two patterns). So yes maybe it'a reaching you, but I was definitely getting the Irish music on the 1330 here in Beverly
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    106.1 now has "The Irish Channel" in full stereo on both channels.

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    Yes, heard them that way on 128 between Beverly and Wake-Reading exit. Fighting with WNBP repeater, or WCOD? But 1330 not bad

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