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Thread: What will be the new format for WRCA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by inorm99 View Post
    Really? A Sony Walkman?!
    I live 25 miles w/nw of Boston, and I haven't been able to pick up WRCA during the day with my GE Superradio. Generally speaking, I'm disappointed with that so- called DXing, reception radio
    WRCA has a directional null to the w/nw of Boston, seemingly even in the daytime. They're weak even on a good car radio in their old COL Waltham. Pretty good signal east over metro Boston, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcB View Post
    A Sony Walkman I got for like $30 that has AM/FM/Weather. (It replaced and older model I had that looked the same that also had TV).
    I guess the no longer make the radio. And the ones that remain vary in price. This place is selling it for $100. Most places are selling it used. I saw it's still listed on Walmart's site but it says This Item is no longer available. I bought this several years ago at my local Walmart.


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    I'm looking for the top 5 Dx ing radios( best reception) that are available
    Norm Rosen

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