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Thread: Are you more liberal or conservative?

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    I'm on the right of the British left, if that makes sense(!)

    That is I support considerably higher taxes on the rich, more public spending, nationalisation of power,water and public transport, much more state owned housing but I don't go to the extremes of those who want to nationalise everything or abolish private housing or ban private cars or start a global revolution. And such people certainly still exist in the UK!

    On social issues I'm pretty liberal- very pro gay marriage and (more reluctantly) pro choice. In general religious issues are much less important in British (and European) politics than in the USA, they cross party lines. It was a Conservative led government who introduced same sex marriage in the UK.

    Gun rights aren't even on the agenda over here. I'm not sure any UK politician favours the right to bear arms, and I can't say I'm sorry about that.

    Getting this somewhere vaguely related to broadcasting, I would keep the BBC and maybe raise the licence fee a bit but I wouldn't want to go back to a world without commercial TV and radio.
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    I best describe myself as "Libertarian-ish", which doesn't mean hard core, or nuttier versions of Libertarian...mine is more "small L". I favor more local control vs. federal on most things, I don't care about what you do in your bedroom with another consenting adult, but the feds tend to screw things up. I'd like to see more options for healthcare, not less, including direct primary care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyE1977 View Post
    You know the old joke...

    "The United States will never try to annex Canada. They could never withstand the shock
    of absorbing 30 million Democrats."
    Most of Western Europe is a bit like that. Most mainstream conservatives in Western Europe are probably closer to blue dog democrats than the GOP.

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