Wheatstone buys PR&E

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Thread: Wheatstone buys PR&E

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    Wheatstone buys PR&E

    It looks as if Jack's legacy is removed from the tinworks and may yet live on.

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    I think this is good news....

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    Me too! Glad to see a company that is more focused on consoles take the reins of the PR&E catalog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradgoehl View Post
    Me too! Glad to see a company that is more focused on consoles take the reins of the PR&E catalog.
    I don't see the point. Accumulating more debt to buy a company that hasn't been a serious contender for audio consoles since the early 2000's, seems like a waste.

    Back in the day when PR&E made analog consoles they were absolutely the best and built like tanks, where Wheatstone was a lot of flash with compromised reliability and quality by using inexpensive components and construction techniques.

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    The purchase price must have been cheap... Honestly I thought PR&E was out of business a long time ago.
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    After receiving that copy, I quit the VO industry.

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    The now former Harris, was marketing their AES consoles as PR&E for the first couple years before just branding them Harris. The new Private Equity folks that now run GatesAir, are concentrating on their transmitter biz, divesting themselves of brands that Harris probably over-paid for over the years.

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    I seem to remember the Oasis consoles were/are PR&E branded and still sold by Gates Air. I still have a couple of Airwaves...I wonder if there's a prayers chance of getting replacement DSP boards or modules if something fails.

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    That would be my worry, some of those DSPs were near EOL when those boards were sold. The good news I think will be continuing support of consoles a ton of us have and hopefully seamless integration of new technologies to bridge the gap in older plants slowly evolving.

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