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Thread: "The Maddening Allure Of KIRO Radio"

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    Are you sure? More and more stations on both bands are dropping talk for music. We're seeing a lot of AM stations, mainly those with translators, drop talk for music.
    Bob, with the AM revitalization program (AM's can get up to a 0.25kW FX maximum), its cheaper to run a jukebox that run talk of some type from the bird. Follow the money.
    (Most of these AM's are class C, D, or lower class B, and are for the most part on the higher end of the AM band. There's not much listening on the high end, and the rating prove it.)
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    I'm neutral on most of KIRO other than Dave Ross, though I do think the station is well produced & imaged.

    However, I can't fathom why they couldn't do better than Jason Antebi "Rantz" for the evening show. In a market that size, there has to be an intelligent, engaging younger talk host that's more in sync with the culture and politics of Seattle, and it seems Rantz is an odd fit - at times needlessly rude on social media and with a good deal of angst about the city he resides in and broadcasts to. I don't get his attitude (act?) and find it awkward for the station and market.

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