94.9 audio problems
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Thread: 94.9 audio problems

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    94.9 audio problems

    KRUT 94.9 has a song on at the moment. It plays like for 18 seconds and then it starts from the beginning again. Has been going on for the past 5 minutes that I been listening.

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    Sounds like they are stuck in a RUT - or a K-RUT. Sorry! Couldn't resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Gonzalez View Post
    But where locacion are they? They are not on the salvage yard never was and theres no stick at their new licensed locacion. For an LPFM they have big coverage.
    There Antenna is in the Salvage Yard, I drive by it everyday.

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    And the terrible audio is now worse you can't even listen to the station without static.

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    Still sounding horrible, but now I think the station change formats somehow or at least the name. With all the static I could not catch the name of the new name I think they said AUDIO 94.9 But the announcement sad music 24/7 the best music, the music you want to listen to.

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    Ok correction I just picked up KRUT, then back to the other station. They said something like radio Amenecer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Harsh Reality View Post
    Let me see if I've comprehended this correctly. You're sure of where the KRUT-LP tower is located, yet not sure that you are in fact listening to the actual KRUT-LP on your radio dial.

    Doesn't instill much confidence in me that you have any idea as to where KRUT-LP actually broadcasts. Don't worry too much, mrtexmex, I haven't pinpointed it's actual location either. Don't really need to. A co-channel facility owner is apparently hot on its trail as we speak.

    All you have to do is drive on Tidwell and get to shepherd Dr and you will see the antenna. If you get hungry you can go buy a burger across the street. And if you need a new radio for your car you can also find one across the street from them too.
    I am talking about the signal for some reason has been very low. And I am picking up Radio Amanecer in places where I couldn't before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Harsh Reality View Post
    It would be faster to walk to 5530 North Shepherd. 713-640-5041 is the public listing for A-Plus Toyota.

    As "KQUE FM 103" once quipped some 30 years ago, ask them about their radio station.
    You just gave the address of the same place I'm talking about. I'm giving you actual places that are around that 4 corner. I can't upload pictures here ( or at least don't know how to) if not I would show you some of the antenna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Harsh Reality View Post
    Burger King/Shell, House of Wheels, Williams Auto Salvage, and A-Plus Toyota make the 4 corners of Tidwell and the North Shepherd intersection. I know the area, mrtejano. I also know the antenna you have referenced. I'm sure it comes in very handy when in search for something like a front left fender on a 1996 Toyota Corolla that A-Plus surprisingly doesn't have just sitting out in the yard.

    So do I, I happen to work at a Auto Parts store. So I know that and many other salvage yards in the area. Don't forget the Shipley Doughnuts close to the area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrtejano View Post
    Ok correction I just picked up KRUT, then back to the other station. They said something like radio Amenecer.
    KRUT is either off the air or on reduced power. No sign of it this evening in the Midtown area, where it usually puts in a decent signal. However, that allowed me to hear similarly formatted KPFG in Pasadena.

    On the West Loop @ 290 I could hear KPFG fighting with another Spanish language religious station, which I assumed was the weakened KRUT.

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