Is 3rd time the charm?
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Thread: Is 3rd time the charm?

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    Is 3rd time the charm?

    So I see the Salem Media Group is again trying to get Joe Walsh's radio show on Syndication. They have tried twice and both times have failed, and I know there is the saying 4rd time is the charm, but is it always? He does a Chicago based radio show on 560 the answer, and I have never been a listener of his show. But if they have tried twice and failed both times, why do they think the 3rd time is going to be the charm of launching him into Syndication? But at some point shouldn't you have to give up, if it seems like that there is nobody that is outside of Illnois that wants to hear him on the air on their station. Or any stations that cancels his program even if it is only one other station as well to his Chicago home.

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    Could be because there are openings in the syndication market that didn't exist even a few months ago. Herman Cain left syndication as did Jonathon Brandmeier. There's probably a minimal cost for Salem to try it and they gain if he gets a hold. I would say they have something working against them in that other radio companies may balk at buying content from a competitor.

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    I am well aware of that Jonathon Brandmeier's show ended its syndication, his show was annouced to be ending late last year and they ended it earlier then everybody expected it to, but like I said I don't know why they think 3rd time will be the charm to have his show on syndication.

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