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Thread: WUSF TV SOLD AT Auction, is WUSF Radio next?

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    Thanks for the info from your friend at WEDU, Frank.

    What a convoluted mess; Spectrum in Hernando is doing what I surmise is going out OTA for the time being with the programming mentioned by the WEDU CEO, with programming on 16.1 and 16.2 and messages on 16.3 and 16.4 that more or less says programming is finished. Spectrum Hernando has not yet picked up 3.5 or 3.6.......as much as the payTV providers charge, one would think they would carry all the OTA channels and their subchannels, but I guess thatís expecting too much and once again, is another reason to have an antenna to receive all the OTA channels and not just some.

    About 1.75 miles n.n.e. of where I am in Eastern Hernando at time, their Spectrum system has a hybrid of mostly Tampa stations and some Orlando, but they have never carried channel 16.
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    It is a mess. That's exactly how I replied to my friend's email.

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    Thanks for the info. Although a mess, it makes more sense to me now. They're essentially trying to keep the second "station" (now WEDQ) which will eventually join WEDU-DT 13 (virtual 3) in hopes that it will qualify for must carry on the cable and satellite services. I'm guessing this is what Nexstar is probably planning on doing with WTTA. As some of you know, that station was also sold in the auction and will have to sign off eventually as well. My guess is that the over the air signal moves to a subchannel of WFLA-DT 7 (virtual 8) and while over the air on 8- something.... it keeps it's location on the local cable and satellite systems as is.

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    Apparently WUSF is donating the broadcast license over to WEDU.

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