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Thread: Bubba back on in Tampa 2/13/2017...on WWBA 820

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdradioeng View Post
    .what do I know I have only been nationally recognized in a magazine no one ever read
    Same here with 50 years in the business

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    OK I am confused is it the "conversations station" "news talk florida" "gotta know now" or Tampa Bays AM 820 news"?

    Depending on when and what you listen to or see online there is a bit of an identity crisis...........

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    "A 3DX50 is not happy running less than 10kw. They should be using the J1000 at night. "

    Yes, they should. 3DX50 is not type-accepted below 2 kW. They used to use the AMPFET1, but the pattern change would take about 5 seconds (because of bringing up the 1, and that was too long. Also it would save on the electric bill not running the big box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavo View Post
    I'll bet you a Coke WWBA is running an old Knatt-Hindes Tri-maze audio processor. I never thought those boxes sounded very good but some swear by them..others swear AT them. Maduri usually runs decent technical operations so I wonder if something is amiss in the phasor/antenna array?
    I'm pretty sure it's a 9100. The only Hnat-Hindes I know of in the group is pre-processing the STL for WHOO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfrus View Post
    Bubba cant be told anything about Engineering. He knows it all, just ask him. Remember, this is the guy who talks into the SIDE of an RE20.
    ...which makes it pretty much impossible to pop the plosives. Makes for a smoother sound. That's how NPR does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_981 View Post
    ...which makes it pretty much impossible to pop the plosives. Makes for a smoother sound. That's how NPR does it.
    Where does NPR use RE-20s? Last time I heard they used an assortment of Neumann mics. I would be very surprised if there is a RE-20 in the house except maybe for editing booths or for IFB/intercom purposes.
    Off axis presentation is NOT the way to address "P" popping...that's what mic foam is for! With proper mic technique "P" pops should be minimal anyway. "Lips on the mic" for proximity effect is bad technique - this can be addressed with mic processing.
    But what do I know? What works for Bubba...works for Bubba!
    Last edited by wavo; 02-17-2017 at 02:05 PM.

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    I really did not like how bubba sounded even back on 98.7.... I don't listen to 820 much but when I had it on both the hdr16 and EP the other day it did not sound too bad to me. It's prob just bubba's show..... I was listening to him the other day and he did not even turn down music to talk over it.... It's an audio nightmare if you ask me.... I'm an up and coming audio engineer so audio is very important to me. I also run my own internet channel. I'm pretty picky about audio.

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    I realize this is a Bubba on 820 thread, but there's some engineers here I'd love to see reply to the following....

    I can't stand the audio processing on 98.7. Not sure if it's just the HD signal or if it's sounding just as bad on the analog. To me... it sounds as if the mid-range is over-modulating or they're pushing the audio to hard. Not sure of the correct terms... but the station simply sounds very thin and not full at all. In fact, it's very noticeable on the 80's rock ballads. Flipping between stations that play relatively the same music (Use 94.9 as an example) and the audio is drastically different. It's to the point where I simply can't listen to 98.7 because of it. Please take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Is it just me?

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    I am sure the demographic age group of his listeners don't even know that AM even exists. I can't see him getting any ratings on WWBA and whatever listeners they had in the morning have probably fled to other stations. To paraphrase an old saying: "If a tree farts in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

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    Oh goodness... well it could be worse right? He could be on Tan-Talk. One thing's for sure, when things go sour with Genesis, all that's left is Tan-Talk, and then that's the end. I saw someone saying that Maduri runs a tight ship when it comes to the technical side of things... no. That's just not the case. A few years back there was intermod feeding back and echoing through the delay, it was very distracting. It was like that for weeks. I called in to let them know, and no one answered the phone, so I turned the radio off.

    I am sure this is a brokered deal... I mean come on. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd be willing to bet he has a similar deal to what Artie Fletcher had. And wow, Tommy Paleveda... I haven't heard that name since... 1995. I'm going to have to go back and listen to Radio For One, I'm trying to remember how Lassiter characterized him. Wasn't he the one who had to break the news to Lassiter that he was being fired, and then he started crying? Well anyway, I wish Bubba the best I've always had a soft spot for him, no matter how many times he royally screws everything up.

    Oh yeah, and I'm not sure when he started talking into the side of the mic, but he didn't always do that. You can find video of him back in the Power Pig days, and he wasn't doing it back then. There's a big difference between talking directly into the side of the mic, and talking across the front of the mic. Talking across the front of the mic sounds pretty damn good. I never cared for the foam breath pop filters, I think they sound muffly, plus they're pretty disgusting if you're sharing a mic... but I digress. Finally, let me just say that the overall standard for audio quality in broadcasting has gone out the window. The last time I listened to the Bone (probably a year or two ago), the audio was clipping and was replete with compression artifacts. I understand if it's a remote broadcast, etc. But Drew Garabo's show sounded like that for weeks. I guess since we have to deal with crappy programming, they expect us to put up with crappy sound quality as well. Off the soap box now...

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