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IN another thread a month or so ago, you mentioned that radio listenership hasn't dropped that much; I forget the numbers quoted.
There are two "kinds" of radio listening. One is cume, akin to circulation of a newspaper and the other is AQH (Average Quarter Hour) which is like "which pages of the paper did you read?". Cume, or reach, is only down a couple of percent since 1985. AQH is down by nearly 50%.

Now you mention that it's dropped by 50%.
A huge part of that is due to the effect of the PPM, where AQH levels in the Top 50 markets decreased around 40% due to taking "memory" out of the measurement formula.

So does the other 50% now listen to radio stations online?
Part of the decrease... the larger part... is due to the way radio is now measured in PPM. In other words, in the diary we had a vastly inflated reflection of total AQH listening.

The rest is due to listening to online radio, such as our own stations and stations like Pandora... as well as on demand services that deliver by-the-song exactly what listeners want. And a part of the decrease is due to things like texting, video gaming, etc., which cut into each person's listening time.

Just curious, because if it keeps dropping as you've mentioned -- 50% a decade (or less), it looks like OTA radio itself may soon be finished. At least, that's how it looks from your numbers here. 50 percent is quite a drop.
In the top 50 (actually 48 markets) MSAs, it dropped 40% from one month to another when the PPM came out.