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Thread: what stays, what goes... ETM/CBS merger

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    Ownership sub-caps of 5 FM's and 3 AM's (or the other way around).....MAY GO AWAY! - There are now 6 radio groups pressuring the FCC to eliminate the "Sub-caps". If that happened, then they could own 8 FM stations (and no AM's). Perhaps that is the reason for the "Trust"... to hold on to them until the FCC changes or eliminates the sub-caps. Then some of the stations in "trust" could be sold back to the parent company. And the current administration is certainly in favor of being kind to big-business.

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    If the cap is expanded they could keep all though could there be an argument that one company would dominate the market's revenues? If they have to sell, would ETM get $ but help to empower competitors like I heart or Cumulus, though latter is not in Boston yet?
    107.3 and 97.7 are a bit far away from the city.
    93.7 though licensed to Lawrence has their stick in Peabody..not too bad though 98.5's in Newton is slightly closer to Boston. WEEI-FM is helped to the south by 103.7 in RI

    104.1 and 103.3..perform well enough to keep?
    Might the company aim to get WBZ news radio or even WRKO on FM? Picture a NewsTalk 103.3 maybe w newscasts and a few talk shows.Or is the talk demo too old?
    And what about 680 or 1030 if so?

    Both sports stations stay.Appeals to different demos, make money, and 5 teams to have games if soccer counted.

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    Yes, I pretty much agree. I think Entercom would keep 93.7, 98.5, 100.7, 103.3, and 104.1, which seem to be the best signals. I'd guess that they would keep all of the formats on those stations the same, with 93.7 and 98.5 competing but both profitable. I think they would sell off 97.7 and 107.3. On the AM side, it's anyone's guess but I would think that 850 costs them the least to keep.

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    A clarification to the stations that *may* be put into the trust came on Wed. morning 3/22/17 via AllAccess.com.
    Not all are FMs as previously reported. The list is fluid/flexible and stations can be added/subtracted at any time
    pending any transactions that may occur before the merger goes into effect.


    Possible Entercom stations:

    News-Talk WRKO-A,
    Sports WEEI-A (ESPN 850) and
    Sports WEEI-F/BOSTON

    Possible CBS stations:

    News WBZ-A,
    Top 40 WODS (103.3 AMP RADIO) and
    Hot AC WBMX (MIX 104.1)/BOSTON

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    @bostonradio tweeted earlier today:
    All ETM/CBS Radio stations in Boston are going into trust. One caveat, CBS ones can't be swapped/sold until after the close

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    @bostonradio tweeted earlier today:
    All ETM/CBS Radio stations in Boston are going into trust. One caveat, CBS ones can't be swapped/sold until after the close
    Since no one asked, I can't help wonder if the good folks over at CBS Radio Boston are running around and saying, "Entercom happens!"

    That might indicate Howie Carr is, perhaps, right in more ways than one.

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    I wouldn't expect Entercom to unload the lowest rated stations in Boston because the Department of Justice has a "second request" to ensure Entercom stays within the 40% revenue cap. Since both sports stations in Boston are billing pretty well, I would likely expect the Department of Justice to require Entercom letting go of one of the sports stations.

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    Entercom's divestitures in Boston have been officially announced. As I've long predicted, Entercom is divesting the WBZ stations, along with WZLX, WKAF, and WRKO.

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    Which means that one of those stations will go over to K-Love or Air1.

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