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Thread: FM HD Radio May Be Finally Paying Off in this Area

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    I have an HD radio in my car and Sangeans new HD16. I am Hoping HD will expand.In New York only 923 and 1027 are airing formats that are not on the main stations..Active Rock and Smooth Jazz. How about Standards O!dies Comedy classic soul classic country and a true light format?.Why are there so many religious stations on the subchannels? There are more than enough onthe regular channels. I really hope New York will use their HD channels better....and why is 101.1 wasting CBS Sports on two HD channels? Oldies would be ideal. Boston and Philly have some really good HD2 channels. New York is far behind.
    Many stations are leasing out their HD channels, especially HD3 and HD4. Might as well make some $$ with them.

    Some stations are using it specifically to feed a translator. I think WPLJ HD-2 is "FAS" (remembering the old WFAS-FM for Westchester County) now at 94.3.

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    Yes, I believe that more and more HD subchannels will be leased out, rather than run original programming. As there are apparently quite a few programmers in this area interested in leasing them, this would seem to be a case of, "Follow the money." Running original programming on the subchannels, even if it is automated, costs money. And for years to come, the audience is likely to remain too small to attract significant advertiser interest.

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