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    1110 sold their AM site off 4th St in St. Petersburg. They are now non-directional, diplexed with WAMA in Tampa. That's why they have the reduced 5.5kw Critical Hours power. I think their translator is to be on top of the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa with 250 watts.

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    The thing that I find most unprofessional (besides this) is that not only do they go off the air during the middle of songs,
    but this morning I was listening here, and they came on the air in the middle of a song.
    A computer must be rotating their songs 24/7 while a disconnected clock turns their transmitter on and off.

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    I was traveling south on U.S. 301 about 5 miles north of Ocala yesterday (around 1 pm), and on the car radio WTIS was coming in surprisingly well. Clearly a distant signal, but very consistent and relatively free of interference. I didn't get to stay with it because we were in the process of removing a CD and inserting another. But WTIS seems to be putting out a fairly strong north-south signal.

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