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    Quote Originally Posted by b-turner View Post
    Looking at the above data, it seems the license expired in 2013. Showing D before the call letters can mean a few things. For example, in rare instances a station falls through the cracks on getting updated at the FCC database. There may be other pending actions. If something else is happening, results might not appear before everything is resolved. Some FCC decisions take a long time. It seems, if my memory is correct, a station had their license contested years ago. They operated several years with a pending renewal until the FCC granted the renewal, yet the database showed the license expired. Can't recall the station that happened to.
    If You go to the FCC CDBS site and look up DKROY, it has a four page letter signed by Peter H. Doyle. Chief, Audio Division media Bureau, and among many other statements, it stated KROY license expired "on or about December 26,2010"
    "According, we delete the station's call sign and dismiss the Renewal Application, Assignment Application, and associated pleadings as Moot."

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    Good! Maybe they can return the KROY call letters to where they belong--Sacramento. Even if it is a class IV AM (1240).
    Save AM radio...kill I-CRAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by First Fone 65 View Post
    The FCC Today deleted KROY from the data base and stated the license had expired and would not be renewed and all pending applications were Moot. See DKROY for details.
    KROY will defy the completely illegal order of the Federal Communications Commission while we take steps to appeal the proceeding to the highest levels of authority. The motivation for the FCC's decision comes not from a desire to do justice, but rather to give in to the pathetic and incessant whining of an individual who has made it his life mission to destroy this operator and all of our licensed broadcast facilities. We believe this individual through contacts within the Internal Revenue Service has applied coercive pressure on officials at the FCC to render an unjust and illegal decision. The truth will come out and as I said before change is coming.

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    "the truth will come out" dkroy continues to operate without a valid license or call sign. Both were cancelled by the fcc 1-11-2017 "change is comming"

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    Dkroy files for sta

    DKROY filed STA application # BLSTA-20170113AAV to keep 99.7 Palacious, TX legally on the air while appeals to renew license are being filed. see FCC DATA.ORG for details.
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