You read that right, this week movie actor Tom Hanks is filling in for Peter Sagal for the first Wait Wait Don't Tell Me taping of 2017. The listed panelists for this taping are Paula Poundstone, Luke Burbank and Faith Salie. There is not annouced Not my job guest yet, but they have always been pretty good of annoucing viva their Facebook page by at least Wednesday. But anyways the show will be taped in Chicago and will be broadcasted on the NPR stations including the home station WBEZ in Chicago. Somehow the normal Peter Sagal fill in host Mike Pesca must not have been available for this taping, as he is the one that has filled in for Peter Sagal lately when he has been off. But anyways this should be an interesting show, as they usual get celebrities both ones you have or have not heard of playing not my job, but not too many celebrity hosts.