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    If I owned a station here and my only options were to program Smooth Jazz or Standards, there's no question. I might be able to sell some ads with Jazz but I'd starve to death while trying to sell Standards.

    If I owned an AM station here and I had no spoken word format options, I'd probably just try to shut 'er down. lol. Seriously, if anyone's listening to music on the AM band, I highly doubt they're valuable to advertisers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    One question, how does WFAT, WLBE and KFXM stay afloat and I am sure there are many more of those around the US.
    KFXM is an LPFM and, like most non-religious LPFM stations they are labors of love with minimal costs. Many are self-financed. None are commercial.

    WFAT has had a number of formats over the last decade, and stays alive thanks to being part of a profitable group owner.

    WLBE is in a non-rated smaller market of Florida, and has a bankruptcy in its past. It's just one of thousands of AMs that try to at least cover expenses to stay on the air; apparently they could not even afford to buy a translator.
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    I personally love JJZ 1480, but I am an oddball as it is. I know they'll eventually shut 1480 off for good soon anyway. It's a glorified muzak station from 1990 trying to be louder than the iphone chargers and powerlines that kill its signal.
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