Dispute between Amazon and Charter?

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Thread: Dispute between Amazon and Charter?

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    Dispute between Amazon and Charter?

    Last night I was trying to watch the college football national championship on ESPN through my Amazon Fire TV Stick because of using my DVR for recording other things. When I tried to set up Watch ESPN I found out that Charter wasn't listed as an available cable system. I've also run into this problem with Watch TCM, and Charter hasn't been added as an available system in the 9 months it's been available. But I was able to watch it on my Roku box that I had connected to the same TV set.

    Is there some sort of dispute between Amazon and Charter that Charter customers aren't allowed access to channels like Watch ESPN and Watch TCM on Fire TV? Is this happening on any other cable channels with available apps on Fire TV? Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks!
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    i really have no clue, i doubt there's a dispute between Charter and Amazon. just the compatiblity might be affected, maybe your fire isn't fully up to date or something like that, i don't know.

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    I bought the Fire Stick new during the Christmas season in 2015 and I've updated it several times, not counting the times it should have updated automatically. Since Watch TCM was added in April 2016 Charter hasn't been added as an available cable system. Since I ran into the same problem with Watch ESPN that is what makes me wonder if there is a dispute, or at least no agreement, between Charter and Amazon. I can get them both on my Android phones and Windows 10 laptop, and Charter is listed. I can also get Watch ESPN on Roku, but not Watch TCM. TCM's activation page has Roku listed as coming soon, but it has been that way since April, and I get the impression they're in no big rush to make it available.

    I found a work around to get Watch TCM through Playon, which uses a PC for a media server, and sends the available channels through Roku and the Fire Stick, so that's working for me for now.

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    I've discovered that this problem is bigger than I've thought and it appears to be caused by Charter not being listed as an available system on other watch apps on both Amazon Fire TV and Roku, and also on Windows PCs and Android phones in some cases. The only watch apps I've been able to get to work are for ESPN and the Disney channels. Yet Time Warner and/or Bright House will be listed. I don't know what is going on, but apparently Charter is a lot worse than I thought about not being an available system for a lot of watch apps I've tried.

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    I called Charter today to see if I could get any answers to why they aren't available on some watch apps and was directed to a web page that listed what apps are available though them for what devices, and it's more complicated than I thought:


    Apparently the ownership groups have deals with different devices for different cable systems, and Charter is available on Roku for watch apps by Disney, NBC/Universal (Some, not all), and Fox owned channels among others. But they also aren't available on watch apps for Time Warner, Discovery, and Viacom owned channels among others. On Amazon Fire TV, Charter is only available on 6 watch apps (FXNow, Hallmark, Starz, TBS, and TNT), and apparently there is a big difference between what is on Fire tv vs. Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. But I still wonder how much of this is caused by Charter. At least now I know there is a chart where I can tell on most of the watch apps what devices I can get them on, and websites or Android devices appear to be the best options in most cases if an app isn't on one of the major streaming devices.

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    I found out today that things are a little better. I did some checking and found out that Charter is available now for watch apps for ESPN, TBS, and TCM n Amazon Fire TV. Hopefully it will be better soon on Roku as well, along with other watch apps.

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