Rush Limbaugh Show- Redisgned Website....very interesting!
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Thread: Rush Limbaugh Show- Redisgned Website....very interesting!

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    Rush Limbaugh Show- Redisgned Website....very interesting!

    Today Rush Limbaugh rolled out a redesigned website for his show.

    I found it very interesting that on the redesigned site there is NO tab for a station listing.
    This makes him perhaps the first host of a nationally syndicated talk show to not list
    affiliate stations on his website.

    When you click on "listen" it takes you to a sign-up page for his Rush 24/7 subscription service.
    Apparently he feels he no longer needs affiliate stations?

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    Rush mentioned in his third hour today that there's still a lot of things to come and a lot of areas they haven't gotten to yet. But if you look at the top page and click on the main menu it'll bring up a bunch of tabs one of which is stations. It figures out where you are and brings up a map with all the nearby stations which you can then click on and it shows the station info along with what times he's on.
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    Limbaugh has been very loyal to terrestrial radio. I'm confident the site will prominently feature how to find affiliates soon, if it hasn't already been remedied. He staunchly refused to be carried on satellite radio because of his loyalty to his radio affiliates.

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    OK. Stations tab was not there when I clicked on it yesterday.
    List and map there.....nicely done!

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