Three types of 'Activate'.
1. Standby awaiting further instructions. Tsunami warning is in this category.
2. Observe and report. Go to a specific location or look around the neighborhood and tell us what you see - damage injuries, etc. Last activation like that was a flash flood. Question was (like the song) 'How high's the water ...' In a couple of cases the answer was 'somewhere between 10 and 20 feet'.
3. Full on activation. I once asked under what conditions in Southern California that might occur. The answer was 'You'll know'.

While not an official 'activation' we have been asked if we could support communications at a Red Cross shelter, a fire camp, and at the county EOC.

And I don't think I ever got an official T-Shirt in any color :-)

BTW, I recommend that everyone who can take CERT !!!!