106.5 WPPM off air
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Thread: 106.5 WPPM off air

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    106.5 WPPM off air

    Just noticed their signal absent from the airwaves and hearing that Russian LPFM from North Philly instead.

    Never knew the rooskies were that big enough to have an all-russian station. Probably some soviet spy operation lol.
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    It's really Russian Jewish, probably catering to the huge Russian Jewish population in the great Northeast and the Huntington Valley areas. Not Putins Russia LOL. 106.5 PCAM is on the air as I speak and 97.1 is a flamethrower in the center city area. 96.1 is going to use the apartment building off the expressway and city line, do they really need this, 900AM is pretty strong as it is and has better reach then 96.1 will ever have which must protect cat country. I noticed Uptown 98.5 blows into hit music 98.5's coverage in Jersey with no remorse so who knows. The Asian station they were supposed to share time with never materialized. WPEB's new translator on 95.1 blocks out ZZO and AYV. I wonder what's going to happen to WVLT's signal when the 92.1 translator finally hits the air. What's up with 94.9 in Marlton, they are like a local in center city is this just a place setting for something else 90.5 already has great coverage. Do we really need all these LP's and Lators, clogging the already crowded FM band. I cannot find a clear space on the FM band to relay my HD car tuner...
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