It is on January 6th and Bill Leff after only working one day as taken the rest of this week off, and even has at least next Monday, but hasn't this guy had enough vacation time in the last 2 weeks. In 2016 the last day that he and Wendy were n the air together was December 16th, when they did the show together in the afternoon which was the same day that WGN Radio did their radio production of a Christmas Carol. And then they both enjoyed 2 weeks they both came back on Tuesday, and he has taken the last 3 days off, Monday will be day 4, and i don't know if he will be back after that. But how can he possibly have that much vacation time, you would think after 2 weeks off that he would be dying to be back to work. So maybe it is time to axe him and either put Wendy solo or give her another co-host maybe one of the fill ins that has been filling in.