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Thread: Can just one song make or break a station for you?

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    If a bad song is not enough, how many times must I hear that poor girl who was having a heart attack while leading an exercise class?

    Never mind whether advertisers want to reach 55-plus listeners (except she says, "I'm healthy. I'm young."). Look at what they're advertising. Or in this case it's a public service announcement, I guess.

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    For me, it's usually WPOI-FM's (Hot 101.5's) unpitched songs which they started in 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landtuna View Post
    And I, them.
    Same here. When the advertisers come on, I change the station to one that's not trying to sell me stuff at that moment.

    Ditto the TV. The mute button is my friend. Yes, even during the Super Bowl. You know how they were saying this year one thirty-second spot cost 5 million dollars? Well, a 15 dollar remote shuts that up.
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