WOGL played Janet Jackson twice within an hour...
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Thread: WOGL played Janet Jackson twice within an hour...

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    WOGL played Janet Jackson twice within an hour...

    "When I Think of You" at 2:13 and then "Escapade" at 3:08 pm. I just think that's strange. If software won't catch something like that, you'd think a human might? But I suppose no one actually looks at logs anymore. All the more reason for software to catch it!

    BTW: I think they may have done some sprucing up after the Christmas music. They're playlist looks awesome.
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    Both songs were released before 1990, so it's not that strange, and their live broadcast plays multiple songs by an artist on occasion. I do see your point about having a live person to catch that sort of error.

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    Might just listeners like Janet Jackson

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarioMania View Post
    Might just listeners like Janet Jackson
    If that were the reason it occurred, then WOGL would be playing a Janet Jackson song roughly every hour!

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    Janet was in the news recently. Just had a baby. So that could be part of the reason for the additional songs

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    They have not changed the playlist that much since last year. I do love the 4 o'clock 80s block and Back to the 80s Sunday. These are both great.

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    I had multiple stokes in December 2015, and haven't listened to radio since coming home, except the day Prince died. Besides replacing the 4pm Beatles set, did they cancel the doowop sunday night show in favor or back to the 80's?

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