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Thread: 96.5 AMP WZMP flips to AC As "Today's 96.5"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOB View Post
    What 96.5 should do is run quick promos between their songs that are variations of "Hey, aren't you sick of always hearing MORE and MORE commercials and talk on that other station? Make the switch to 96.5 for fewer commercials and a better variety of your music".
    Should they? More FM making on-air references to a station their listeners haven't yet heard of is cute. Today's 96.5 making on-air references to the Goliath they wish to slay would be pretty counter-productive. They might want to just create an on-air product that acts like they're the only Mainstream AC in the market. Just my opinion.

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    Our Mainstream AC's are slugging it out and the listeners probably don't even notice. (Is this radio's new version of the fun old-time "Top 40 wars?" Heh heh.) Gotta love that the jocks are referring to the station as "Today's 101.1" and pausing before throwing in "More FM" as almost an after-thought.

    Also gotta love that it's January 9 and we're talking about the timing of Christmas flips. (BTW: 101.1 HD2 didn't stop the Christmas music until some point yesterday or this morning. Including the HD2 & stream, More FM gave Philly about 83 days of Christmas music this year!)

    To add to the holiday speculation: Traditionally, when B101 flipped to Christmas and WOGL didn't, WOGL did not see an increase from B101 listeners who allegedly weren't ready for Christmas. IIRC, it actually appeared to that some of WOGL's listeners headed toward the lights. WOGL's decision to start flipping looked like a way to stave off some of the bleeding.

    The fact that WOGL's regular format doesn't get a bump when 101.1 does Christmas would lead one to think that Today's 96.5 (if it's still around in the fourth quarter) will not be flipping to Christmas. After all, when the market's #1 Mainstream AC goes Christmas and the market's Classic Hits station does the same, the market's #2 Mainstream AC stands a better chance of picking up any disenfranchised listeners (if there indeed are any).
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    Quote Originally Posted by richt1014 View Post
    Between songs I've heard More announced themselves as "Today's 101.1 More FM. Better Variety and fewer commercials." That is the same as Today's 96.5 in which they say "better variety, fewer commercials." Definitely trying to keep the listeners away from 96.5.
    But I just listened to 101.1 for like an hour or something and their stop sets are still insufferably long. I know that in-office listeners aren't usually focused on the music enough to change the station...but how many people in their cars are sitting through 7 or 8 minutes of commercials? (Is it that long? It feels like it is!)

    My point is: They can say fewer commercials but if they're preparing for a battle, they might need to actually (gulp!) play fewer commercials. At least for a while, anyway.

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    96.5 has definitely tweaked their playlist slightly since their sign-on.. pushing a little bit harder on the 80s (at least playing them more than songs from the 90s at the moment.) With the rest of the playlist still trending 2000's to now, I don't see them cannibalizing sister WOGL that much by dropping in some 80s tunes.

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    This market is heavily saturated with 80's material...More FM, MGK, BEN-FM, WOGL, Mix, WJBR, and now 96.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurtisNEPA View Post
    This market is heavily saturated with 80's material...More FM, MGK, BEN-FM, WOGL, Mix, WJBR, and now 96.5.
    It feels like that makes sense just based on the fact that the '80s was three decades ago. But by that logic, that would mean it would have been normal for radio in the '80s to have been playing a lot of music from the '50s...which they definitely were not. haha.

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    The day after the switch the HD3 which used to be talk philly is dead air with a carrier. Could they be thinking of putting Standards on, they do own the Strip, correct which is a great Standards format, heard it in Dallas.

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    There are a handful of stations that might do a flip within the next five years I would say.

    1. Clearly Today's 96.5
    2. 95.7 (in terms of re-branding, but I think the current format will stay with light tweaking)
    3. 93.7 and/ or 99.5.

    I mean come on. 93.7, 99.5, 106.1, 96.5 and 101.1 all play pretty much the same damn songs. There are a few minor differences, but not really. Something's gotta give.
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    I'll agree with you on 96.5, if they don't gain traction.
    I can't say much about the suburban stations (93.7 and 99.5)
    Throw in these two that may flip within five years:
    103.9: if they don't gain traction, they'd be ripe for whatever Radio One has as their next format of the year. Maybe even a flip to "Radio Now" CHR like in Houston
    104.5: I hate to say it, as this is one of my favorite Alternative stations, but how long will iHeart continue to tolerate their low billing numbers? I've wondered if they could bill more as the 2nd Country or AC (missed their shot there) in Philly than as the 1st alt-rock station.

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    I would not want anything to happen to 104.5, they are the only bright spot on the dial, they sound different from all the other pop, urban, classic hits, sports formats clogging the band. They are the only alternative we have, no rimshots to back down on and they run on a shoestring budget, why blow them up.

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