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    I rode in my wife's 2006 Buick last night and noticed something curious. The stock Delco switches from 106.9 to 107.5, and back again according to signal strength. I was wondering just how that is accomplished - it has to be something to do with RDS because the radio is not HD. Seems like a feature that would be more useful in Europe where a lot of stations are controlled by the government and simulcast.

    There is a bit of synchronization problem between the two stations - it got annoying as it switched back and forth.

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    It's a feature built into the RDS/RDBS system called "Alternative Frequency."
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    106.9 and 107.5 have been out of sync since the simulcast began, but it has been consistent around a half-second difference.

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    My desktop radio has that but it doesn't switch automatically.
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