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    I highly doubt that Entercom would go talk with any station. WIOD and WLRN, the 2 English talk stations in the market, don't do very well. Miami-Fort Lauderdale is just not a "talk" market.
    Probably not, however as a non-commercial station does WLRN need to rely on ratings in order to set rates for underwriting announcements? They certainly need a base audience in order to secure individual listener donations but does Neilsen influence how much money say, the Knight Foundation donates to the station annually?

    Without the benefit of knowing how WIOD does in its target demo(s) I can only wonder what will happen to both it and other stations once Rush, Beck and Hannity decide to hang it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ai4i View Post
    I have to ask this question to DE,
    with regard to the number of news/talk and sports stations this market can support.
    If we split the market in two, one English language and one Spanish language,
    what would be the number rankings of the two new markets?
    1. The English language Miami?
    2. The Spanish language Miami?
    Forget about the minor ones.
    Keep in mind that, while the market is 51% Hispanic, the listening to Spanish language radio accounts for around 25 shares. So the sum of all Spanish language stations in 25-54 is just under 26% of all listening, divided among all the Spanish language stations. Many of the English language stations get large portions of their listening from Hispanics, so it is hard to divide by language.
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