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    Quote Originally Posted by jabba17 View Post
    Noticed that Cox is using their 93.5 translator to simulcast Kiss 104.1 to the northeast metro...

    CoL of Suwanee, 230W with a null to the SE, and on the Chateau Elan tower.
    Kiss 104.1 and 93.5. Wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caller10 View Post
    Kiss 104.1 and 93.5. Wow!
    If I recall correctly, Kiss' TOH ID also mentions a second translator.

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    Whenever 97.7 goes silent or loses power, 93.5 does the exact same thing. I would like to see 97.7 get moved to 92.5 at some point so it can stretch out to more folks. It's a good station. I would wonder if they would keep the translator on 97.7 after this happens?

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