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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.ric View Post
    "A radio station like no other!" Like, we all forgot about The Point years back. Smdh

    I'm gonna miss Hot 95.7. It entertained me in high school and my community college years.

    Although I slightly like the new format, it sucks that Houston no longer has competition among top 40 anymore. I kind of liked that.

    I also have a feeling that KQBT was a huge killer for KKHH. KKHH played a lot of rap compared to KRBE just to appeal to the urban crowd, and they kind of fled to KQBT when it started.

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    Mix 96.5 should go to AAA. Houston doesn't have that format - yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan View Post
    Mix 96.5 should go to AAA. Houston doesn't have that format - yet.
    Where has there been a successful AAA startup in the last decade?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    Where has there been a successful AAA startup in the last decade?
    103.7 FM. Sadly that was a bust because it was rimshot station.

    I'd rather have 96.5 flip over to Top 40/CHR more than anything else. However a Modern Rock station won't hurt at all either. That however will require a loss of on air talent from CBS.

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    I got to listen to the flip during my lunch break (very slow work day.) Got a good chuckle out of the wisecracks during the countdown.

    Somewhat surprised, but not shocked, that CBS blew up the CHR format on 95.7, after all the speculation about 96.5. But the competition from KRBE, KQBT and KBXX, as well as KLOL and KAMA drawing away so much of the target demo probably drove the decision to go for an older audience.

    I've been listening much of the afternoon, at it seems The Spot is going after the Sunny 99.1 audience with a more upbeat, higher energy sound. It does fill a major format hole, as much of the music has been missing from Houston radio for quite some time. I'm actually enjoying it.

    We'll see what happens next door at KHMX. Mix 96.5 has been sounding more CHR-ish recently, and now we know why. A shift to the "Amp" brand would be a predictable next step, but how much difference is there (if any) between Amp and what was on Hot?

    One interesting thing came to mind: During this past Labor Day weekend, KHMX had a "throwback weekend" which sounded a lot like what The Spot is playing. Wonder if that was a dry run for the format?

    No call letter change (yet) on 95.7, and unlikely we'll see one in a PPM world, but still a possibility.

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    Well, at least Energy 95.7 (KKHH-HD2) is still active, for now.

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