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Thread: Oldies guy who quit on the air?

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    Back in 1971 NH Public Television had a transmitter supervisor at the Keene UHF outlet (WEKW-TV 52) walk out during an overnight shift.....he called in to the main site via STL talkback, saying he'd "had it with the B.S." and he was shutting down and leaving...
    He put the transmitter in "LOCAL" so it couldn't be restarted remotely.....but was "kind" enough to lock the door behind him...
    Being mid-winter -- and on a mountaintop -- it was several hours before things were back to "normal"....!

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    Didn't think about that. There are no unions down here. That's why they created the minimum wage. But lately employers are hiring these Mexican workers as independent contractors at below minimum. That pushes out American workers even at the minimum wage. There was an ICE raid on a Federal gov't project downtown and some of the illegal workers there were at $2.00 an hour. Unbelievable.

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