Kroy license cancelled
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Thread: Kroy license cancelled

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    KROY launches simulcast with KVST

    In preparation for the pending transfer of KROY listeners along the Texas gulf coast can now enjoy country favorites from KVST in Conroe.

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    Yes you can. Happy New Year.

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    Both broadcasting the dead air format?

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    I'd also expect a call change for 99.7 Palacios in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dade View Post
    Yes you can. Happy New Year.
    Spent some time listening to K-Star yesterday. Nice work, Dade.
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    Be interesting if my new antenna setup can pick up KROY out in Lavaca county I'll check it out over the weekend.
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    Great news. Just wish we could pick up KVST a bit stronger down here in Spring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tb_ View Post
    Great news. Just wish we could pick up KVST a bit stronger down here in Spring...
    The FCC is now showing KROY-FM as

    Station Search Details
    Call Sign: DKROY
    Facility Id: 77693
    Primary Station Call Sign:
    Community of License: PALACIOS, TX
    Service: FM
    Fac Type: FM STATION
    Status Date: 01/11/2017
    Frequency: 99.7
    Channel: 259
    Digital Status:
    Lic Expir: 08/01/2013
    Licensee: ROY E. HENDERSON
    Address: C/O WLDR-FM
    Address 2: 13999 S. WEST BAYSHORE DRIVE
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49684 -

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    Looking at the above data, it seems the license expired in 2013. Showing D before the call letters can mean a few things. For example, in rare instances a station falls through the cracks on getting updated at the FCC database. There may be other pending actions. If something else is happening, results might not appear before everything is resolved. Some FCC decisions take a long time. It seems, if my memory is correct, a station had their license contested years ago. They operated several years with a pending renewal until the FCC granted the renewal, yet the database showed the license expired. Can't recall the station that happened to.

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    Kroy license cancelled

    The FCC Today deleted KROY from the data base and stated the license had expired and would not be renewed and all pending applications were Moot. See DKROY for details.

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