Overnight America (ending) and WBZ
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Thread: Overnight America (ending) and WBZ

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    Overnight America (ending) and WBZ

    Jon Grayson says Overnight America is ending and he said on Facebook that last night he would "bore you with all the details" on the show. I guess he will stay on KMOX.

    In late 2008 we found out CBS was letting Steve Leveille go to put this national show on.Listeners protested and Steve was rehired


    One comment said the national show that replaced Leveille, Overnight America was like the radio equivalent of McDonald's. (I.e., a standardized national chain replacing a local favorite)

    Later Steve would retire to be replaced by Bradley Jay (though I think Jen Brien was on at first)
    Lovell Dyett had lost his show too, but later got a half hour edition.He has since passed on (2012)
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