Advice Needed - Phone System for Internet Radio

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Thread: Advice Needed - Phone System for Internet Radio

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    Advice Needed - Phone System for Internet Radio

    Hi, I need some assistance as I have searched the internet for an answer and can't seem to find what I am looking for. We are currently in the process of putting together a plan for an Internet Radio Station/Network, mainly talk radio with interviews. The issue I am having is finding a an internet based phone system that will work. We are looking for a VoIP system that will allow a host, a guest, and listener call ins with screening, que etc. Would be nice to have apps that go with it. Would also be a great feature it you could setup users and allow them to host their own calls.

    If there are any options out there please list them here for me. I am open to look at anything.

    Thank you.

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    58 views and no ideas, does that mean there are no good solutions out there for what I need?

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