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    One of the problems not only is their signal weak but KRCD stomps all over them in the IE. The station is listed as 4100 erp but I can sometimes hear it in Yucca Valley which is 140 miles away. How do they manage that?
    Several of the Baldwin Hills stations can be heard there if there is no co-channel interference or an antenna is aimed towards LA. If you look at a topographical map, there is essentially a funnel to the Yucca Valley that has a minimal amount of terrain blockage which is overcome by deflection (the apparent ability of FM signals to do some limited "bending" over hilltops).
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    Well that explains why I also get KYSR so clearly. From my area they are coming from the same direction. No Mt. Wilson signals make it to my area. Or IE stations either with the exception of KOLA on a good day.

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