At some point we will see when WGN Radio will release their first Christmas programming for the various show hosts that will start Christmas Eve and should run until Christmas night where at some point somebody will be filling in for somebody and for how long. As the case of a lot of years where a live fill in host hasn't been heard until at least 2 AM on December 26th, and since some point that have got that turn to lesser Christmas programming. The only Christmas programming that i know that they are airing is their production of a Christmas Carol that was live on December 16th. And the only other one that they will also air is the annual simulcast with WGN TV the Midnight Mass from Holy Name Cathedral. And that will air live and the only live Christmas related programming they will have, all the rest will be taped programming put together by different hosts. So really the last non Christmas live programming that will air will be the Hamp O'B and Koz show. But getting back to their production of a Christmas Carol again it will air from 6:00-8:00 PM Christmas Eve and 12:00-2:00 PM Christmas Day.