Passing DTMF through Cell to POTS adapters

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Thread: Passing DTMF through Cell to POTS adapters

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    Passing DTMF through Cell to POTS adapters

    Hi All

    Anyone using a cell to POTS adapter that will pass DTMF reliably? I have purchased the Verizon "Home Phone" device and it will not pass good DTMF for our Burk ARC16s to read. I know there are other companies that make similar devices. Has anyone used one they can commend?


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    I have had good luck with the Telular boxes, they worked best when I turned off tone duplication and ran it in voice only mode. I also found that in rural environments it was a great help to attach them to an outdoor antenna, once I even re-purposed a old TSL yagi at 200'!

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    If anyone is interested... We tried the Verizon "Home Mifi" which also offers internet through their G4 network. This units works even with the Sine Systems remote control. We are only paying $20 a month for the service. We do not have external antennas on the units, but with be getting them soon.

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    I'm using a couple of Walmart "Straight Talk" boxes which seem to work fine with Sine Systems remote controls.

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    There was a retrofit to the ESI cards on the ARC-16 at one point to help with DTMF over cell, I remember changing out a few caps and a resistor on ours. Depending on the age of your card you may give Burk a buzz and ask about it.

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