Speaking of KNX and sports (and this can be split into a separate thread as Frank sees fit), I emailed their listener feedback address (which I won't post here in an effort to protect them from spammers; I'm not saying anyone here is a spammer) about interviews that often preempted sports reports and found out as of January 3rd that they no longer air sports reports outside the hours of 5 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday. Here is the email for those interested:

We no longer do interviews so we hit the :24 and :54 sports at the right times every hour 5a - 1p now. So that problem was solved on January 3rd when we did away with the interviews outside breaking news.

We also stopped doing sports in evenings, overnights and weekends. Most people who care know the scores long before we air them at :24 or :54. Because of IPhone etc. the need for scores just is not there in our listener base. So we chose to add more news and stop doing the scores.

I hope this answers your questions and that you continue to listen to KNX.

I appreciate your spending your valuable time with us and also want to thank you for caring enough to write.