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Thread: WQXI-AM sale closed: flipping imminent

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    Wandering up Buford Highway the other day, I noticed the old AAMCO building at 4801 Buford Highway (old timers will be singing that as the jingle now) was sitting empty. Back in WQXI's heyday, that stupid store was a huge advertiser. Between that and Brake-O and HifiBuys ads, QXI must have been raking in the cash. Saw an old abandoned Brake-O the other day, too. Clearly I need to stop hanging out in neighborhoods with so many boarded up shops.

    Do love KPOP so the new format works for me. Well, it would if I had an AM broadcast receiver anywhere. Nothing I own still has that band. That's kind of sad.
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    4801 Buford Highway was Automan Transmission

    "That's Automan Transmission!
    That's Automan Transmission!
    That's 4801!
    That's 4801!
    That's 4801 Buford Hiiiiiiiiighway!"

    They also advertised heavily on WTBS Channel 17.

    Now some place called AutoDan Car Service.

    "When broadcasting over the radio, there are certain words we must omit.
    Like 'BEEP' and 'BUZZ' and 'GOBBLE-GOBBLE', by gosh we can't even say shhhhhaving cream!"

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