Thunder is now Throwback Tampa Bay
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Thread: Thunder is now Throwback Tampa Bay

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    Thunder is now Throwback Tampa Bay

    Happened today. Likely in anticipation of WBRN's format change, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terabitz View Post

    Happened today. Likely in anticipation of WBRN's format change, too.
    Didn't even realize that WTMP 1150 has already been doing the classic hip hop format with Ed Lover in the morning.
    Anyone know when they flipped to that? Last I knew they were doin that hybrid urban talk/r&b oldies.
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    Sounds more like Throw-up. Wonder how long this format will last till it's "thrownback" onto the junk pile.

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    Liked Thunder, but this is a very good choice for a format.

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    We'll have to wait and see how this plays out, but it seems like the real winner of this Beasley/iHeart skirmish may be Cox. (Eagle and The Bone, notably).

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    I'm loving this station for some reason. I have heard songs I have never heard before on there. 98.7 has a garbage signal here in Brandon anyway.

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    I'm not sure how well it will go over, depends on the ratio of Cali/NY/Miami listeners they have. Its very "west coast" I wouldv'e loved a "Miami" oldschool station but what do I know...............back to engineering stuff lol.

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    I guess there isn't enough bandwidth in the Tampa Bay FM dial to bring us another format that nobody will listen to for more than 3 mins.

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    Was rather disappointed when I tried listening to it. More like hardcore rap and less mainstream hits from way back.

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    Whenever I check in to read the posts here it makes me glad that I haven't turned my radio on in almost a year. The idea of bringing Thunder back on translators was pretty cool, and it could have been a really neat if it wouldn't have turned out sounding like 107.3 The Eagle/The Bay/Coast. I want to find the people who gave us this dreck and torture them. With that said, WTMP is pretty cool these days... Too bad my car doesn't get AM.

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