Kiss 104 Adds Michael Baisden
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Thread: Kiss 104 Adds Michael Baisden

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    Kiss 104 Adds Michael Baisden

    Kiss 104 is adding Michael Baisden's new syndicated show from 3-7PM according to All Access and Rodney Ho. Baisden's former show was carried by Radio One's Majic 107-5 and before that their 102.5. This is basically a talk show about current issues affecting the African-American community. He will be doing the show from the Kiss studios here in Atlanta.

    To make room for Baisden, Kiss shortened the shifts of Sasha the Diva, now 9AM-noon, and Art Terrell with Roy Wood, Jr, now noon-3PM. I do wonder how long Kiss will be willing to pay 2 salaries for the noon-3 shift.

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    Wow, they got Baisden before Magic or Old School did. I enjoyed Baisden's show that previously aired on Magic. I also wonder how long both Magic and Kiss would continue to have 2 jocks in the afternoon drive.

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    Could this also mean, that the Tom Joyner Morning Show get its final hour back?? Having shows run only 2 hours really don't make any more sense than shorting the last hour of a show.

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