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In my opinion, a lot of those "correct terms" need to go by the wayside if the MSL truly wants to compete in the US with the NFL, MLB, or the NBA.

Here in America it's a field, not a "pitch". And it's "five to nothing", not "five-nil". I watch soccer now and then. I'll never call the field a "pitch", anymore than I'll call the car's hood a "bonnet" or the trunk the "boot". Some UK-isms just don't stick.

RE: sports coverage: local media is a bit choosy in who they cover, and I'm not sure it's due to research, or just their own preference. The Seattle Times will have pages dedicated to UW women's basketball, for example, and the local hockey teams and minor league baseball teams barely -- if ever -- get a mention. And the T-birds draw about the same size crowd. Same with the Tacoma minor league baseball team.

They do give the Sounders a lot of coverage, though, as they should. I think they draw around 40,000 to Century Link Field every game. :-)
I can understand your "correct terms" argument, but I do wonder if NFL fans in London use the "correct terms" for American football? If they do, then we should do the same, IMO. For example, in London when a team scores a TD/PA is it 7-nil? I really don't know the answer to that over there on the NFL "pitch", uh, I mean "field'.