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    I'd imagine a Classic Hip-Hop/R&B 98.7 would probably be aimed more at the 25-54 set (closer to an Urban AC). Think FLZ vs. Mix.

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    ...and the Thunder trimulcast beats 'em to the punch with "Throwback".

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    I am so afraid of what ideas Beasley about 98.7. If Bubba was the best they had to offer, I wonder what is next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea Men View Post
    I am so afraid of what ideas Beasley about 98.7. If Bubba was the best they had to offer, I wonder what is next.
    Uruguayan Sea Chants.

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    Hey look, another reason not to listen to radio in Tampa. Can we just go ahead and admit radio is dead and bloated here. The last two somewhat interesting things to happen (in my opinion) were Thunder and the debut format on Bubba 98.7. I actually listened to the radio everyday when Bubba was playing the mixed bag format, Power Pig hello, etc. I turned my radio off and haven't turned it back on ever since the bottom feeding scumbags at Beasley decided to opt for the warmed over rehashed bro-rock format. They can suck... Well you know... They can just suck it all night. There is absolutely nothing good left on the radio, except maybe Coast to Coast, which is also a shell of it's former self.

    Bob Lassiter was right, I have nothing but contempt for radio programmers and executives. These people are absolute scum. How many businesses last 100 years and remain relevant, radio could have remained relevant for another 100 years but these soulless buffoons sucked fun and excitement out of the medium. I spent ten years on the fringe of the business, and it was just as depressing and toxic as I expected. I'd rather listen to two goats f***, than listen to whatever God awful format Beasley is putting on 98.7. Ok, Merry Christmas!

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    LOL the radio in Tampa kills Orlando. 105.9 is that jam for sure. I love the old rap on the radio. q 105 ftw as well. Love that channel.

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    welp now it's 98.7 Donald FM

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    Quote Originally Posted by terabitz View Post
    welp now it's 98.7 Donald FM

    What format is "Donald" playing?
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    Well their moniker is "Making Radio Great Again" With the voice of The Donald or a great imitation, not sure.
    Playing oldies rock before 80's I would say.
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    Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" and Pink Floyd's "Money" are part of the stunt playlist.
    Looking at the article on the other "radio" site, I expected 98.7 Donald-FM to air non-stop Trump/Pence rallies, both pre and post-election...
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