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    What if they enjoy the station?
    I reported a licensed station operating out of compliance, and the commission's callgirl,
    I mean call-taker, suggested that I did not know what I was talking about
    and that I should report the problem to the station operator.
    What kind of compliance issue? Now my curiosity is peaked,

    And if you are 1000 percent over power the commission has acted just like a pirate operator. A license doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, especially if an lpfm wants to be a full class station.

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    The station that I reported was an AM airport TIR station that to the best of my knowledge is still about 500Hz off frequency. The callgirl, I mean call-taker asked what equipment I used, and I told her it was an analogue radio, selective enough that I even knew which way they were off, heterodyning with other 1670s. Her response was that the airport uses much more sophisticated equipment than I had and that I should have my receiver serviced. That station was and likely still QRMs several 1670s around it from the FLL airport. I do not appreciate my experience being questioned as such and that event caused me to lose respect for the office that she, of the Federal Castleguard Commission, misrepresented.
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