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Thread: DSPX-FM presets?

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    DSPX-FM presets?

    Hi all. We're running an original DSPX-FM unit that has over the years had its presets mauled by various well meaning but misguided staff members.

    It currently sounds beyond horrible! I wondered if anyone had some presets they could send me to try and get us a useable sound?

    We're a Hot AC station but it does need to be fairly loud/punchy as the competition are all using Omnia 6's so we have our work cut out!


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    Personally, I don't believe you'll be able to set the DSPX in any way that it will wind up being comparable to the Omnias in your market. This isn't to disparage what the DSPX is, but it's just not the same class of processor. You might get closer with a DSPX-tra, but maybe not even with that box... and given your problem, I wouldn't spend money in that direction.

    Set aggressively, the DSPX suffers from high frequency pumping, mainly due to not having enough bands. The "xtra" mostly solved that problem. It also has a clipper that the state of the art has moved beyond. As you turn it up, it will become more "fuzzy", mushy and less well-defined, rather than louder. In the tradeoff between clean and loud, you won't be able to get both, and compare your sound favorably on both points against Omnia's products.

    As is always the case when talking processing, these opinions are subjective. I hear things other people don't, and vice versa, so this is all said with percentage of certainty that you won't agree with how others see things in this regard. However, you're applying your processor to a format that requires more from it than easy-listening, classical or talk. You're also putting the box up for comparison to another company's product. While an OK processor for some applications (maybe), the DSPX will fail on both counts, in my opinion.

    If budget is your main issue, I'd look around for a used Optimod or Omnia. If you're adventurous and not off-put by placing a PC in your audio chain, you can get big-processor performance from the software product, "Stereo Tool", for a whole lot less money.

    If you really feel the need to spend more time with the DSPX, start by downloading the latest firmware update from their site. There may be some new presets in the update as well. It may not wind up being enough for what you're trying to do, but it will at least bring the box up to the best BW's managed to make it.
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    Try the stock "Hot AC" pre-set. It sounds pretty good. If you've lost the settings, get in touch with BW Broadcasting for support. They are very helpful and even have a US "800" number.

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    I'd speak to the Factory Gurus and see how close i will get to what you want using their advice. If that isn't close enough, shake the money tree and pick up an Omnia 9. It will kick the 6's ass in spades, and actually competes well with the 11s.

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    I have a lightly used Omnia 11 that is surplus to our needs. I can sell it for around what a 9 costs. If you want to be LOUD, this will do it.

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    If I may jump in here what about DSPXtreme-FM holding up against Omnia or Optimods? Has anyone worked with DSPXtreme-FM processor before and how did they find it?

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    littlejohn wrote
    It will kick the 6's ass in spades, and actually competes well with the 11s.

    I am still hanging on by threads with 6's up against 11's............of course I now have a new capex justification!

    Merry Christmas all from a warm humid Tampa!

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    Ok I went and played a little with a DSPX in town (I shot out an original against an O6 a long time ago) and it is still capable of very closely modulating like an O6. I agree the extra is much more on par but if you put the time in you should be able to be happy. I remember an OM maybe 10 years ago say it doesn't sound "analog" enough when it comes to the clipping. He was used to most analog clippers of the day and expected "grunge". On the other hand, the O9 is the best value and the 11 appropriately named definitely goes to 11. That being said I would caution that yet a "LOUD" station still has a place most formats need a little more finesse. Fatigue is real and can destroy TSL. Bob Orban has great material publicly available on a lot of this. Frank Foti has some well pointed processing prospectives that are publicly available as well. In the end you need to do what you feel right by your station. I would love an industry wide double blind study to see what the consumer of our product really thinks. Especially in the world of bit rate reduced audio.

    I recently heard something I thought I would never hear from a PD (the station has too much bass) in a top 20 market and a bass heavy format I was pretty happy to hear that.........and I didn't turn it down I hear from listeners all the time its great!!!!

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